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Route jacques-coeur

Route Jacques Cœur was created in 1954, inspired by the owners of three Châteaux: Culan, Ainay-le-Vieil and Meillant. Originally entitled the "Heart of France Châteaux Route", the oldest Historic Route in France offered visits and tours as well as night-time events and illuminations at these historic sites, setting the style for the future.

Over the last 60 years the Jacques Cœur Route has continued to develop and innovate and offers a marvellous visitor experience. Half a century after its inception, its membership has multiplied and the Route now includes 16 historic sites.

The Presidente of the Association, Martine d'Aligny, Castle of Ainay-le-Vieil, in partnership with all the other members, works with great passion to enable you to discover the wealth of their Region as you follow the course of the Route…